"Upcoming events, trips, courses and other activities from Care for Carers."


Below are listed all upcoming events and activities associated with our Care for Carers programmes. Events are arranged by month and date. Click on the programme name to access a full description of that programme and any related information. The document icons link directly to the relevant programme booklet, or to a specific event leaflet where available. Note that additional dates are sometimes added after a booklet or leaflet has been published and those dates will be included here with (+) against the title.

— A daytime event or activity taking place locally.
— A multi-day event involving travel and an overnight stay.
— A daytime activity as part of our Carer Walks programme.

— Event is open for a carer and cared-for person to come together.
— Event requires a reasonable level of fitness for participation.
— Event is an online-only or hybrid event using Zoom.


Gentle Yoga Mon 12.30pm–1.30pm Still Caring
Creative Writing Workshop Tue 11am–1pm Still Caring
Relaxation Evenings Wed 7pm–8pm Still Caring


8 Lammermuir Hills Hike & Swim Thu 9.30am–3.30pm Still Caring
14 "Time Traveller: Charles Lyell at Work" Wed 2pm–3.30pm Still Caring
19 Whitekirk Hill Women-Only Retreat Mon 19th–21st (2n) Stepping Out
21 Online Art Course (1/6, weekly) Wed 10.30am–12.45pm Still Caring
22 WanderWomen Coastal Walk Thu 9.30am–3.30pm Still Caring
26 Woodworking — Beginners Parquetry (1/2) Mon 9am–5pm Still Caring
27 Woodworking — Beginners Parquetry (2/2) Tue 9am–5pm Still Caring
27 "Hamilton" Thu 7pm–10pm Still Caring
29 New Town Walk Thu 10am–1pm Carer Walks

MARCH 2024

9 "QUEENZ" Theatre Break, Dundee Sat 9th–11th (2n) Stepping Out
11 Woodworking (1/3) Mon 9.30am–5pm Still Caring
12 Woodworking (2/3) Tue 9.30am–5pm Still Caring
13 Woodworking (3/3) Wed 9.30am–5pm Still Caring
14 "Sunshine on Leith" Thu 2pm–4pm Still Caring
21 The Chocolatarium Thu 11.30am–1pm Still Caring
25 Cray House, Blairgowrie Mon 25th–28th (3n) Stepping Out
27 Isle of Coll, Inner Hebrides Wed 27th–31st (4n) Stepping Out
28 The Falkirk Wheel Thu 10am–2pm Carer Walks

APRIL 2024

12 The Sail Loft, Portsoy Fri 12th–15th (3n) Stepping Out
16 Woodland Retreat (1/10, weekly) Tue 12pm–3pm Still Caring
18 Craft Course (1/6, weekly) Thu 10am–12.30pm Still Caring
19 Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery Fri 19th–21st (2n) Stepping Out
25 Falconry Day Thu 11am–3pm Still Caring
25 Newhailes Estate Thu 10am–2pm Carer Walks

MAY 2024

2 "Swan Lake" Thu 7.30pm–9.30pm Still Caring
6 Isle of Coll, Inner Hebrides Mon 6th–10th (4n) Stepping Out
13 Mound Museum Mon 2pm–4pm Still Caring
23 Laughter Yoga Thu 11am–1pm Still Caring
24 Netherurd Fri 24th–27th (3n) Stepping Out
30 Peebles Walk Thu 10am–2pm Carer Walks

JUNE 2024

7 Isle of Arran, Inner Hebrides Fri 7th–10th (3n) Stepping Out
26 Wiston Lodge, Biggar Wed 26th–28th (2n) Stepping Out
27 Cramond Island Thu 10am–2pm Carer Walks

JULY 2024

13 Isle of Lismore, Inner Hebrides Sat 13th–17th (4n) Stepping Out
25 Aberdour Walk Thu 10am–3pm Carer Walks


2 Netherurd, Blyth Bridge Fri 2nd–5th (3n) Stepping Out
29 Forth Road Bridge Thu 10am–2pm Carer Walks


21 Portree, Isle of Skye Sat 21st–26h (5n) Stepping Out
26 Water of Leith Thu 10am–1pm Carer Walks


1 Isle of Rum, Inner Hebrides Tue 1st–6th (5n) Stepping Out
21 Cray House, Blairgowrie Mon 21st–24th (3n) Stepping Out
25 Dark Sky Astronomy, Isle of Coll Fri 25th–30th (5n) Stepping Out
31 Leith Guided Tour Thu 10am–1pm Carer Walks


1 Enchanted Forest, Pitlochry Fri 1st–3rd (2n) Stepping Out
28 "Aladdin" Theatre Break, Glasgow Thu 28th–30th (2n) Stepping Out
28 Carer Walks Annual Review Thu 10am–1pm Carer Walks


30 "Hairspray" Theatre Break, Glasgow Thu 30th–1st (2n) Stepping Out